Hawaii Plastic Surgery Review

plastic surgeryPlastic surgery is a referred to as a surgery that specializes in the repair and reconstruction of damaged or missing skin and body tissues due to injury and illness. The main reason for practicing plastic surgery is to restore the function of tissues and skin so that they can function normally and also improving the body parts appearance. It can also be used to repair birth defects such as webbed fingers and damaged birthmarks that are caused by the removal of cancerous tissues like burns and other serious damages due to road accidents. It also helps people with low self esteem gain their confidence following successful surgery for and abnormality that may have been developed due to illness or injuries.

Plastic surgery in Hawaii uses several types of techniques, the technique to be used during surgery usually depends on the condition of the patient. The types of surgeries used are divided into three main groups namely: Skin grafts,skin flap surgery and the repositioned expansion of tissues.

Skin flap surgery : These type of surgery involves the transfer of a living tissue along with blood vessels from one part of the body to the other. The blood vessels are used to keep the living tissue alive.
Skin grafts : It is a procedure that moves parts of a healthy skin from unaffected part of the body so that it can be used to replace the damaged skin while relying on the grafted area for survival.
The repositioned Tissue expansion : This procedure enables the body to grow extra skin by stretching of the surrounding tissue. The stretched tissue is used to reconstruct the nearby affected areas. There are also other range of techniques used by surgeons such as camouflage make up,use of prosthetic devices and lastly the use of vacuum closure which means applying of suction to the wound through a sterile foam that helps in faster healing of the wound.

The risks associated with plastic surgery depends on several factors such as the level of experience the surgeon has,health of the patient and the size of tissue that is operated on. The risks that may occur during the surgery includes infections,scarring and organ failure due to minimal flow of blood to the skin. Reconstructive surgery is normally free depending on the country’s local clinical commissioning groups. The surgeons performing these surgery usually receives high training and are mostly members of professional associations. An example of a professional association includes the British Association of Reconstructive plastic and Aesthetic Surgeons.  Please go to http://www.plasticsurgeryhawaii.net/ for more detailed information about the various types of cosmetic surgeries available.