About LASIK Surgery

LASIK eye surgery is usually performed on patients who have myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Just like all other refractive procedures undertaken on the human eyes, LASIK eye surgery is done on the cornea in order to enable the light entering the eye to be more effectively focused on the no retina for better eyesight.

Usually, the procedure is pain-free and it takes about a quarter an hour to be successfully done on the two eyes. The benefits of this procedure can be detected as soon as 24 hours after the corrective surgery. One does not need to use glasses since the LASIK refractive correction alone should be enough to remedy the cornea problem.

If you have been experiencing refractive eye problems, it is advisable that you consult your optometrist/oculist and let them tell you whether or not you should have a laser procedure done on you. Always go by the advice of your doctor and avoid prescribing anything for yourself.

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With this procedure, the surgeon uses a mechanical surgical tool called a microkeratone or a femtosecond laser to make a slight flap in the cornea. After this, the medical expert pulls back the thin flap so as to access the underlying cornea (stroma) and removes the superficial cornea tissue with an excimer laser.

For those that are near-sighted, the aim is to make the cornea more flat and to make it steeper for those that are presbyopic.

Before one goes through LASIK surgery, the eye doctor will conduct a thorough eye exam so as to substantiate the appropriateness of this procedure. They will have to factor in the thickness and shape of your cornea. The size of your pupil and the kind of refractive eye error will also determine the suitability of this surgery. Presence of other eye complications will also be a consideration.